CorkBoardWall.Net is dedicated to spreading the word on the benefits of cork. The blog was created by an avid DIYer who enjoys home improvement projects, arts & crafts, and products that do not harm the environment.

One day after opening a bottle of wine, I began to take notice of the convenient little stopper that keeps the drink fresh until you are ready to consume it. “What’s so special about this thing,” I wondered, “and is it good for anything else?”

After a few clicks on Google, I was shocked to find out that cork was indeed a very unique material. Not only is it lightweight and flexible, but it is also durable, self-healing and eco-friendly. Cork is harvested in a 100% sustainable manner and the material is resistant to a range of things such as fire, rot, water, insects and allergens.

I stumbled upon that information three years ago, and since then I have installed and used cork tiles, built and bought numerous bulletin boards, and used cork for numerous art projects. This blog was created so that I could share this information with the world and hopefully inspire someone else to accept the wonders of cork into their lives.