Cork Tiles Cork wall tiles are naturally beautiful and great for adding warmth to your decor.
7 Main Benefits Of Using Cork Wall Tiles

Cork wall tiles are perfect for making a decorative cork bulletin board, cork board wall or colorful pin board. They can be used on the wall or ceiling to greatly enhance the décor of any indoor space. Not only will they add character and warmth to your walls, but you will also have all of the benefits of using natural cork. When you’ve decided that cork wall tiles are right for you, here are all of the benefits you can expect:


Self-healing – Cork wall tiles have the ability to recover from push pins just like regular cork boards. This makes them ideal for frequent decorating or posting notes. You will never have to worry about pins permanently damaging your wall again.


Durable – Natural cork is highly resistant to rot, fire, and fluid. These tiles will should easily stand the test of time with proper care. Compared to other wall tiles, cork tiles also require less maintenance; so benefits include longer replacement times and less upkeep.


Thermal Insulation – Cork wall tiles can add insulation to a room by creating a thermal barrier. This makes it great for maintaining a room’s temperature whether hot or cold. Because of this, cork wall tiles could help you save on your energy bill as well.


Sound Absorption – Cork is a natural sound insulator and vibration dampener. It can help reduce the amount of sound that flows in and out of a space, making it ideal for theaters, studios, and gyms.

Anti-Microbial – If you suffer from allergies or would like to reduce the risk of mildew and mold in your home, then cork wall tiles are perfect for you. These tiles will help repel against allergens such as mold, and may even help reduce the number of pests. Because of this, cork wall tiles are also hypoallergenic, allowing relief for allergy sufferers without sacrificing style.


Eco-Friendly – Natural cork is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. The material is harvested without harming the tree, as the tree naturally replenishes itself. If you are looking to go green, you won’t find a more environmentally friendly building product than this.


Patterns & Designs – Cork wall tiles come in a variety of natural tones but can also be shaded or have random designs. The tiles themselves come in a variety of shapes and can be easily cut for further customization. As a result, there are numerous choices when it comes to selecting cork tiles for your home or workplace.


Where Can I Buy Cork Wall Tiles?

Cork wall tiles can be found at a variety of retailers. Stores that specialize in home improvement, office supplies, and arts & crafts are likely to carry these items. Additionally mass retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon stock these items and you can even find online retailers who specialize in cork wall tiles. If you are looking to enhance a room with a very practical yet stylish solution, then cork wall tiles are just what you’re looking for.

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