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How To Make Use Of Classroom Bulletin Boards

Although bulletin boards have a variety of commercial and personal uses, they are also highly beneficial in a classroom setting. As a teacher, creating an effective bulletin board for the classroom can take time to master. However, classroom bulletin boards have been a part of the education process for years, so we’re going to provide you with some tips and tricks to help you navigate the process.



As with most things, location can play a crucial part in the success of your classroom bulletin boards. Choose an area that is easily seen by your students, and if the board is to be interactive, remember to make it accessible as well. Suggested locations include on a wall, closet or classroom door, side of a cabinet or you can make a traveling board, which can be easily moved around as necessary.


Displaying Students’ Work

Classroom bulletin boards can be used to highlight your students’ work in an organized manner. You can post tests, art and science projects, or even homework, so students can gain pride from having their effort on display. These display boards also work well for showcasing your classroom’s work to parents, school faculty and other students.


Conveying Information

You can impart crucial information to your students with a well-placed bulletin board. In addition to special announcements and important dates, bulletin boards can be used to visually remind or reinforce information. In this respect, they can be used to complement a lesson plan by adding visual reminders within a class setting.

Key parts of the teaching curriculum can be easily reinforced through the use of visual aids and bulletin boards. By laying out the information visually, you increase the chances of your students retaining the lesson.

Positive Learning Environment

A visually appealing bulletin board can increase student engagement and result in a more pleasurable learning environment. Most individuals enjoy visual cues and the aesthetic appeal of colorful objects. A well designed bulletin board can inspire learning amongst students, and even encourage better performance if the board is used to display exemplary work.


Educating With Interactive Boards

Allowing students to interact with the bulletin board can prove to be a useful tool for educating. By simply letting your students help decorate the board, you will find that they have a sense of pride in the display. If the board is used to highlight outstanding work, you may find your students giving their best efforts in hope of getting their work on the board.

Interactive bulletin boards also provide educational opportunities through their upkeep. By having a clear set of guidelines for changing the board, students can learn to follow instructions, obey rules, and gain a sense of responsibility.



Teachers who are not utilizing bulletin boards in the classroom are missing a wonderful opportunity to impart information to their pupils. These boards are ideal for visually explaining key parts of the lesson, highlighting students’ work, or sharing information with the class. If used correctly, classroom bulletin boards can be an effective teaching tool that enhances the learning environment.

In conclusion, you can never go wrong with having these types of bulletin boards in a classroom because they come in handy for various situations. You will find them quite inspiring, educational and ultimately conducive to a healthy learning environment.

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