Cork Board A large cork board can be easily mounted on a wall and used to post images, notes or signs.
How To Make Use Of A Large Cork Board

A large cork board can be used in variety of ways from creative to functional to decorative. You’ve probably seen one mounted as a bulletin board in a classroom or office before and never even took notice. Given its durability and appealing presence, among other benefits, cork board can go well in many settings. Let’s jump into some of the more common uses for large cork board.


Displaying Artwork

Think about a magnificent piece of artwork you may have seen on display. While you may not have noticed, but certain artwork is displayed on a large cork board. In this regard, you will find that many artists prefer these boards over smaller options since they are able to accommodate larger pieces of art.


Important Notes

Whether at home, school or the office, a large cork board can come in handy for attaching important notes that need to be referenced often. It can be inconvenient to store certain notes and documents in a drawer or file cabinet. A large cork board can be a central location for notes that are better off left out in the open for easy viewing.

Around The House

Kitchen – What most people don’t realize is that large cork board goes great in the kitchen for hanging several things. Imagine a simple solution for posting reminder notes, shopping lists, chores list, the kids’ artwork, family photos, and even notes to other members of your house. Large cork board can instantly add style and function to any kitchen.

Hallway – Wouldn’t it be great if you could easily pin things to your wall without damaging the surface or fumbling around with nails and a hammer? Cork board is ideal for this. The board will come to your rescue especially when you want to hang those special photos for everyone to see. In addition to helping you organize your stuff, large cork board can also add color and style to your space. Installation is simple, and you will likely be pleased with the addition to your home.

Kids’ Area – Large cork board is ideal for hanging your kids’ schoolwork, art projects, notes and even decorations. Children love to create and have things on display. Adding a cork board wall to your home can help you keep all these things organized while giving your child a place to have their hard work on display. The best part is that large cork board will do these things while enhancing the décor of its environment.


Where Can I Buy Large Cork Board?

Large cork board is mostly found at office supply stores, but is also sold by mass retailers and home improvement stores. You can purchase a framed cork board or make it a project and customize your bulletin board to specifically meet your needs. Cork board comes in a variety of sizes, and adding items like a frame or fabric can help in making your board more unique and in line with the décor of its environment. Either way, it’s hard to go wrong with using a large cork board as they are versatile enough to go anywhere and can always be put to good use.


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