Cork Roll Self Adhesive Cork Roll
Self Adhesive Cork Roll: A Simple Solution For Using Cork

Are you seeking the versatility of cork, but wish that installation was quick and easy? Well, self adhesive cork roll was designed to ensure the best of both worlds. Thanks to its strong layer of permanent adhesive on the cork roll, you can gain the benefits of cork without the hassles of complicated installation.


How Does Self-Adhesive Cork Roll Work?

Self adhesive cork roll is made from natural cork and includes an adhesive backing to simplify installation. The rolls come in a variety of lengths, thicknesses, and colors, while retaining the benefits of cork. These self-sticking rolls are ideal for covering bulletin boards and walls, or for lining shelves and drawers. Additionally, the ease of installation makes them perfect for arts, crafts and hobby projects or simple yet effective home décor. The versatility of these rolls allow them to be used on many surfaces including plastic, wood, stone, and metal.

By using a cork roll that already contains an adhesive on the back of it, you will not need to use traditional glue. The adhesive has been found to be hassle-free as well as clean and safe for use anywhere. For those looking for a simple way to incorporate natural cork, a self-adhesive cork roll is the way to go.


Installing the Roll

  • Measure the surface area that you wish to cover, and cut the adhesive cork roll to the desired size. Do not expose the adhesive prior to cutting the roll.
  • Ensure that the surface that will be covered is properly cleaned and dry before application. The surface should also be smooth and free of any dust, lint, or chipped paint.
  • Once your surface area is ready, carefully peel off the foil protecting the adhesive, and then careful apply the cork roll to the selected surface. Because of the adhesive, it is very important that the roll is handled gently once the protective foil has been taken off, as it can be difficult to remove from unwanted areas.
  • Press firmly against the applied cork roll to ensure proper contact and to eliminate any bubbles of air.

Benefits of Cork

Self adhesive cork roll essentially simplifies the application of natural cork, but what is so good about cork in the first place?

Besides being visually appealing, natural cork is very flexible and durable. Cork is known to have self-healing properties and be highly resistant to numerous elements. It also does a great job absorbing odors and moisture, making it perfect for locker rooms, gyms, and exercise facilities. Cork comes in a variety of sizes and colors, while also being easy to cut and manipulate.

If you are looking to build a bulletin board, spruce up a wall, or cover a surface, then natural cork is perfect for you.


Many Categories To Choose From

When it comes to natural cork, there are various selections to choose from. You can opt for the coarse grained ones or the fine grained. Better still, you can use the medium grained, depending on the size of the wall or the surface where it is being applied.

While this is just scratching the surface, there is much variety when it comes to selecting the type of cork that will best fit your project.


Where Can I Buy Self-Adhesive Cork Rolls?

Self adhesive cork roll can be found at a variety of retailers. Stores that specialize in home improvement, office supplies, and arts & crafts are likely to carry these items. Additionally mass retailers such as Wal-Mart and Amazon stock these items and you can even find online retailers who specialize in cork. If you are looking to take advantage of the benefits of cork in an easy-to-use application, then self-adhesive cork rolls are ideal for you.