• Cork Board Wall
    White speckled cork board wall takes up the whole wall. Amazing!
    How To Create A Cork Board Wall For Your Home/Office

    Adding a cork board wall to your home, office or classroom is a great way to enhance the style and functionality of that space. Cork is often used to make bulletin boards, however its benefits also include superior insulating and sound dampening abilities. It is sold in various colors sizes and forms such as cork […]

  • Bulletin Boards
    Classroom bulletin boards ideas - Show off your brightest stars.
    How To Make Use Of Classroom Bulletin Boards

    Although bulletin boards have a variety of commercial and personal uses, they are also highly beneficial in a classroom setting. As a teacher, creating an effective bulletin board for the classroom can take time to master. However, classroom bulletin boards have been a part of the education process for years, so we’re going to provide you […]

  • Cork Tiles
    Cork wall tiles are naturally beautiful and great for adding warmth to your decor.
    7 Main Benefits Of Using Cork Wall Tiles

    Cork wall tiles are perfect for making a decorative cork bulletin board, cork board wall or colorful pin board. They can be used on the wall or ceiling to greatly enhance the décor of any indoor space. Not only will they add character and warmth to your walls, but you will also have all of […]