• Cork Roll
    Self Adhesive Cork Roll
    Self Adhesive Cork Roll: A Simple Solution For Using Cork

    Are you seeking the versatility of cork, but wish that installation was quick and easy? Well, self adhesive cork roll was designed to ensure the best of both worlds. Thanks to its strong layer of permanent adhesive on the cork roll, you can gain the benefits of cork without the hassles of complicated installation.   How […]

  • Cork Board
    Cork can do more than keep your wine fresh. The material can be formed into durable cork rolls or cork sheets
    What Are Composition Cork Rolls & Sheets?

    Cork rolls and cork sheets are made from natural cork grains, which are derived from the bark of the cork oak tree. These trees are mainly found in Portugal, and the cork is harvested on a sustainable basis. The stripping of the bark does not harm the tree in any way, and the bark grows […]

  • Cork Board
    A large cork board can be easily mounted on a wall and used to post images, notes or signs.
    How To Make Use Of A Large Cork Board

    A large cork board can be used in variety of ways from creative to functional to decorative. You’ve probably seen one mounted as a bulletin board in a classroom or office before and never even took notice. Given its durability and appealing presence, among other benefits, cork board can go well in many settings. Let’s […]

  • Bulletin Boards
    Combining 3 different bulletin boards into 1 is pure genius!
    What Are Bulletin Boards And How Are They Useful

    What Are Bulletin Boards? Bulletin boards are used to post notices, announce events, or provide information. They are usually placed in highly visible areas where the display can benefit a group; however, the board can also be used by an individual to help organize notes and messages. Bulletin boards are often made of cork so […]