• Bulletin Boards
    A magnetic board can be great for displaying notes to your friends, family, or coworkers
    What Is A Magnetic Board

    A magnetic board can serve multiple purposes, such as being a presentation tool or a bulletin board, as well as personal desktop organizer and schedule-keeper. These boards are ideal for posting notes with magnets, but can also be written on with special markers. They are incredibly easy to clean and reduce the hassle of dealing […]

  • Bulletin Boards
    Combining 3 different bulletin boards into 1 is pure genius!
    What Are Bulletin Boards And How Are They Useful

    What Are Bulletin Boards? Bulletin boards are used to post notices, announce events, or provide information. They are usually placed in highly visible areas where the display can benefit a group; however, the board can also be used by an individual to help organize notes and messages. Bulletin boards are often made of cork so […]