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What Are Bulletin Boards And How Are They Useful

What Are Bulletin Boards?

Bulletin boards are used to post notices, announce events, or provide information. They are usually placed in highly visible areas where the display can benefit a group; however, the board can also be used by an individual to help organize notes and messages. Bulletin boards are often made of cork so that posts can be easily added or removed without damaging the board. However there are other types of bulletin boards, such as magnetic boards and electronic bulletin boards.

There are many different types of bulletin boards for specific uses. Whether for your office, home or in a classroom, bulletin boards offer a functional, interactive board that enhances the décor of its environment. When making a selection, you can easily find the perfect board for your room, as they can be bought in a variety of sizes and colors, or you can easily customize your own bulletin board.


What Are The Different Types Of Bulletin Boards?

Cork is one of the most common materials used to make bulletin boards. The self-healing properties of natural grain cork makes it ideal for posting notes and information. With this board, you can use staples, tacks, pushpins, or tape to add items to the board over and over.

Visually, cork board comes in a variety of sizes and colors. You can even get a custom-sized board if need be. As for price, cork delivers top-notch value and you will not be disappointed in choosing this material for your bulletin board. Did I mention it is 100% eco-friendly.

A Magnetic board, also known as dry erase boards or whiteboards, are another popular form of bulletin board. These boards are multi-purpose tools that are ideal for posting notes with magnets, but can also be written on with special markers. Even better, these markings can be easily wiped off, making this board great for sharing information.

Dry erase boards are relatively safer than cork board because they do not use sharp edge objects to aid in posting items. Additionally, these boards will not slowly deteriorate over time like cork. Given the benefits and wide-selection, these boards can be easily used to add style and functionality to any room or setting.

Electronic bulletin boards are another wonderful result of the internet. Also known as internet forums, online bulletin boards or message boards, these devices serve the same purpose as a physical bulletin board.

Sometimes these boards are open to any individual, but can also be designed to be accessed by a limited group of people. Advances in technology have made these boards possible, and their popularity should continue to grow because they are great tools for sharing information and facilitating discussion.

How Can A Bulletin Board Be Put To Good Use?

Display Board – Bulletin boards are excellent for displaying information or decorations in the office or home. If you have kids or students, a bulletin board can be used to display art & drawings, schoolwork, or even chores and assignments.

Informational Board – These boards are used to present information in a visual format. Essentially they use graphics and design to reinforce a given skill, lesson or information. Informational boards can be created on any topic and work well in a variety of environments. Their visual nature also allows them to add to the décor of their setting.

Interactive Board – A bulletin board that allows various viewers to manipulate its information, is an interactive board. These boards can be a great way to increase viewer engagement while also being a source of information and messages. When creating such a board, one should aim to make it easily accessible, durable, and colorful. Also a clear set of rules should be established for interacting with the board.



Aside from the home, office, and classroom, bulletin boards can also be found in public places providing notice of special events and advertising goods or services. You can typically find public bulletin boards at many grocery stores, laundromats, churches, and other locations throughout the community. Some boards are interactive, while others only exist to offer the establishment’s announcements, utilizing an enclosed board that is usually protected by glass or Plexiglas.

Regardless of the type you choose, you will not be disappointed with your bulletin board. As a means of displaying information and keeping things organized, it is unrivaled. Given all of the benefits and functionality, a bulletin board can be a great addition to any space you have in mind.

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